SOP Development

One of the most useful systems to streamline your business is having a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual. This manual lists all the tasks that are essential for your business success, how to do these tasks, and who is responsible for the tasks listed. Well-written SOPs explained visually through a flowchart or annotated illustrations make it easier for employees to understand their jobs. Also, establishing SOPs throughout your organization makes it easier to conduct employee performance appraisals and determine their KPIs.

The benefit of SOP includes:

  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Standardized processes
  • Task delegation

Our experts will assist you in improving existing control system as well as designing and developing necessary internal rules and regulations and working procedures to ensure compliance with the Indonesian Laws and Regulations as well as international best practices.

Business Efficiency

Focus on Your Core Competencies

Daily tasks might shift your time and focus that would be better spent to grow your business. Don’t worry, you are not alone! A lot of companies experience the same issues. Our computer system will be customized to meet your requirements and handle your routine jobs while you can focus on you core businesses.

Simplify and Organize Your Work

As a managers or business owners, you often have to deal with huge amount of data. Sometimes, the complexity can get you frustrated. Have you ever feel that your employees cannot give you the right information on the timely basis?
Instead of processing a huge amount of data, our computer aided decision support systems are designed to assist you to make your business functions much simpler and more efficient. You will have a 360-degree view of your data.
Minor and major mistakes as well as duplications and discrepancies produced by human error, will all be eliminated when processes are automated and adapted to your organization’s unique operation.

Increasing Team Productivity

The specialized system design will multiply the output per man hour of your employees especially if you are on the information related sectors.
Our business and IT development team are experienced in designing systems that address our clients’ operations, automation and training to educate your staff to work more efficiently.

Make your business more profitable

Sustainable business process and governance are signs of healthy business and high shareholder values. Robust software and technology infrastructure will facilitate the achievement of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) that demanded investors and venture capitalists. A well-implemented bespoke system lowers the amount of risk a business faces and makes it more transparent. These are things that investors are drawn to, and factors that will increase the value of your outfit. Your company will, therefore, give you excellent value, should you decide to sell in the future.

Internal Control Review

Our professionals help the clients to assure the achievements of organization objectives, reliable reporting, compliance with laws, regulations and policies, and identify weaknesses in terms of business processes and control design effectiveness. We ensure that the internal control is not only stringent but also practical for effective and efficient operations.

We use COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework, a widely used framework in not only the United States but around the world, which defines internal control as having five components:

  • Control Environment, as the foundation for all other components of internal control.
  • Risk Assessment, as a basis for how the risks should be managed.
  • Information and Communication, the systems or processes that support the identification, capture, and exchange of information in a form and time frame that enable people to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Control Activities, the policies and procedures that help ensure management directives are carried out.
  • Monitoring-processes, the assessment of internal control performance over time.

Database Development

Centralized Data Storage

How well a modern business can operate is determined by how well they organize and process information in a systematic way. Many businesses decentralized the storage of information by different departments. However, it is more efficient and secure to host and maintain data and the solution in a single place, accessed by all users within the organization anywhere and anytime.
A database solution does all the necessary processing including storing data, backing it up and retrieving it. Coupled with a web application that runs from a browser, users can easily read and type in information.

Dashboards monitoring & notifications

Reports and graphical interfaces enable users to make decisions and monitor the system’s performance in real-time. Users can also receive alerts automatically via email or SMS when the database is not functioning as it should or when actions that could put it at risk have been performed.

User Access Control and Security

Databases control access levels to data and the amount of information that different users can read, write, or delete. The database systems allow the implementation segregation of duty and authority levels. With this in mind, our team works hand in hand with directors, managers, and other decision makers to grant each user access only to perform their designated role.

Customer Portals

Secure Customer Relationship Management Systems

"Customer is the King." Business success depends on its ability to understand and respond to the customer needs. By developing a customized customer relationship management (CRM) package, your company will be able to obtain feedbacks and be more responsive to the customers. The systems will help the company to develop a deeper relationship by enhanced interaction and improve the company brand loyalty.

Customized CRM

There are many CRM systems available in the market, but choosing the best one is very difficult, if not impossible. Every business is unique, and they have different needs. One business may require one type of information that is not common to the other type of business. The records you keep and how this information is utilized will differ from other businesses, even in the same sector. These needs can only be met through the customized systems.

Integration to the Existing Systems

Almost all business have a back-end systems like finance, accounting, inventory management or even other ERP systems in place. These systems must be linked to the CRM and work harmoniously with it. Our team understands this need, and they will help your organization to integrate the CRM seamlessly with your application in a user-friendly way.

Consultancy and Advice

Mapping of your existing systems

Before we begin our project, our team will analyze your existing business process and computer systems. We will also interview the key person in your organization to get a more comprehensive view on the challenges faced by your organization.
You will be able to benefit from our wealth of experience in evaluation and development of systems as we look at your existing hardware and software. We will advise you on how a simplified business process and IT system can help you to make your business more productive and efficient while generating the same or better quality results.

Cost-benefit Analysis

We understand that every business has a cost constraint. Therefore, we will work your team to find the most cost-effective solutions. Our familiarity with the latest software technologies will help you to decide what can work best for the nature of your business and your budget. We can and advise you on what you really need, and what will work best in your company.

Business Graphic Design Solution

We are a team of creative designers who can help develop new design ideas to support your business marketing and communication. We specialize in working with small to medium businesses and understand their unique needs.

Our team of designers is available by to provide consultation and help you develop professional marketing communications, ranging from logos, business cards, print ads, electronic ads, presentation slides to web sites and a social media presence. Our solutions are customized to meet your needs, high quality to meet your marketing objectives and affordable.

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