Kuryotech Indonesia Enters the eCommerce Marketplace to Provide Integrated Commercial Solutions


Producers, sellers, business owners, and buyers require integrated and scalable solutions to improve their transaction experience. They need proven media and enterprise applications that streamline their business process, improve transaction efficiency, and enable access to wide range of information, products, and market opportunities. The system should also maintain natural human-interaction allowing customer to get a personalized service and product expertise.

The web and mobile applications needed to incorporate functions such as: product listings, searches, a store locator, shopping carts, payment systems, and an advanced promotional algorithm based on actual shopper behavior.


Kuryotech team developed, web and mobile app that would help the producer and suppliers sell their products, reseller source and sell the products, and consumers feel like they had a personal store with exclusive benefits right in their own convenience.

The app grants users access to promotions and offers, tailored to their interests and delivered directly to their devices. Along with the convenience, customers can experience personal support from the experts in the related product categories.

The solution consists of a native Web, Android, and iOS applications. Kuryotech provided a dedicated team to provide full application lifecycle management.


Kuryotech has redefined the online marketplace systems. It allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and major businesses to sell their products throughout the whole countries, creates thousands of jobs and business opportunities, and assists customers to find high-quality products with personally tailored assistance. The first generation has been launched in Indonesia and with the following generations will be extended to the market all around the world.

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