: Kuryotech Indonesia Enters the Online Media Business to Inspire.


In the generation of infobesity or information overload, people get too much information to be digested and acted upon. Consequently, they seldom realize the benefit of reading. Yet, reading is still very crucial if we want to keep up with the trend, learn new things, and be creative.

On the other spectrum, advertisers also find it difficult to walk their audiences through the sales funnel, as they have already been bombarded with irrelevant, junk, and false information. Rather than watching the advertisement, readers are focusing on the trending topics that have little and no benefit to the advertisers.


Kuryotech team developed, the online lifestyle portal that matches the advertisers with the trending topics. Medioku will place the right advertisements on the right articles. Therefore, the information is not only relevant to the readers, but readers made a well-informed decision based on their interests. Trending topic will no longer be irrelevant, but it will become the gateway to sales.

More importantly readers will access the articles, and thus, the advertisements at their own convenience. It means they will have more time to consider and acquire the advertised goods or services.

Kuryotech provided a dedicated team to develop and maintain the systems.


Kuryotech has reduces the information overload and streamlined the information beneficial for both Medioku’s readers and advertisers.

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