Kurporate: ERP Systems that Prepares You for Your Business Growth


In the midst of globalization, rapid technology development and information exchange, developing a sustainable competitive advantage is a huge challenge. Businesses not only need to be efficient and cost effective through the economics of scale, but they also need to be responsive and agile. Managements have to adapt with ever changing market trends and exert control over the companies’ operation. To do so, they need a timely access to information and systems that ensure proper business practice are executed. Rapid changes in technology require companies to change their systems from time to time to stay relevant and efficient, while systems migration could lead to significant costs and time. In addition, finding systems suitable to the local business practice is important.


Kuryotech Indonesia develops Kurporate ERP, a cloud ERP system that adopt to the global best practice, benchmarked against other leading ERP systems, accommodate local business norm, and suitable for your business needs through our semi-custom features. For semi custom program, Kurporate’s team of experts has to assess the company’s requirements or current systems (for integration purposes) to ensure its suitability to Kurporate ERP.


We help businesses to compile and control their business transactions and provide overview of their business position on a timely basis, adhering with the business best practice. Users will be able to access their company information anytime and anywhere and obtain the latest technology updates. Hence, they can focus on running their business.

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