As much as we provide Business and IT solutions, everything we do needs to deliver a valuable experience for users and our clients. A great idea begins with the understanding of situations, problems, and the development of insightful approach based on entire pictures and collaborative works between our teams and you. This is how we deliver not just products but also values in everything we do.

Beoku.com is the online and offline marketplace with the sophisticated interaction and integration capabilities.

Kuryotech Indonesia developed innovative systems for all market participants from suppliers, sellers and resellers, to customers. The system simplifies the entire sourcing and shopping process: once the producers or vendors posted the details of the products on sale along with the preferred price, the system will displays all products to be accessed by millions of users. Customers simply searches and describes the product of their choice, and submit a purchase request, which is automatically processed and forwarded to vendors who own the products.

The system comes with intuitive and user-friendly tools for making new requests, managing orders, notifications and reporting, and secure payment functionality.


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