Recruit Your Assets on Your Fingertips


Recruitment process has been very tedious and has taken a lot of time and resources. This issue is not exclusive for the small corporations but it also in large corporations with thousands of applicants. The ability of the organization to select and recruit the right people in time will determine its success.

With limited positions in the job market, job seekers often desperately apply for jobs that they are not qualified to enter. This condition put another pressures to corporations to carefully select their employees by obtaining more information, conducting thorough interviews, conducting psychological tests, or asking for references from the existing employees and their networks. Unfortunately, obtaining more information also means paper works. Applicants have to spend their time and money to travel to the Companies of their choice, but only few candidates accepted.

For our clients, managing the paper works is only one of the issues. Sometimes, they need to look for candidates with specific qualifications. For example, specific universities, last employers, etc. However, filing was done based on the Job ID and names. Hence, searching for applicants’ data becomes a nightmare.


The Kuryotech team combines the information gathering phase of recruitment on the client's website. Most large companies have used their website to post their work and collect resumes and cover letters. Kuryotech takes this idea further by placing detailed recruitment forms in the system, which allowed the Company to accurately mark the information they needed for the open position. We also embed search and sort functions to help recruiters find data and make informed decisions.

In the future, this system can be extended to employee administration such as holiday leaves, benefits, or even payroll systems.


With the systems, candidates are no longer required to go to the office and fill in the paper recruitment form. Recruiters are no longer required to manage paper administration and set aside the time to meet inappropriate candidate. Recruiters can simply use the search and sort function to find the employees that they need. As the results, the recruitment process becomes more effective and efficient for the employers and the job seekers.

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